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We're the global leaders in Esport Tech


What are esports?

Esports is one of the fastest growing sectors in UK entertainment.  Loved by brands, marketeers and fans alike.

For the uninitiated this is the playing and viewing of videogames competitively.

Much like traditional sports there's involvement at every level; from grassroots to professional if you want to play.  If you prefer to watch esports then there's a lot of content streamed (in realtime in Twitch, Mixer and Caffeine), saved (on platforms like YouTube) and in physical venues (like Wembley Arena!).

See our esports Blog posts for more information.


We truly understand esports: what it is, where it's going and where it fits with clients.  Because of this we engage with UKIE's esports sub-group to help steer UK esports and help it grow in an environment where the UK Government is actively engaged - even having a Government Minister visit us to understand more!

For the last 8+ years we've provided the architecture and development of esports platforms to support both play, engagement and competitive tournaments. 

Due to this experience we have a unique advantage: We're the global experts in Esports Tech and nobody knows more than we do.

There's 6 things we can help you with:

- Helping you find the esports strategy that's right for you - like a car there's different needs for different audiences and how you need to interact with players.  Our deep experience will allow us to help you get the best fit and make sure this strategy grows and flexes with you as you expand and the world changes.

- Building tournament platforms that scale, are tuned to you exact needs, and are your IP.   Whether you're a media organisation, a major brand or a marketing agency needing to run tournaments then we can build it quickly and efficiently.  And the IPR?  100% yours.  No shared code, no white-labelled engines, no GPL elements: 100% yours.  We've built platforms that scale like supporting a million people in a ladder.  We can do the same for you.  And discretion?  That's our middle name.  Our work is your work.

- Creating esports community platforms that build thriving users bases.  When the competitions end then people still need a place to meet and collaborate.  Our community platforms allow teams to be created, discussion to occur, tactics to be shared and allows advertisers & sponsors to be at the heart of the platform.  We can tie these platforms into your own tournament platform or others that exist.

- Integrating your games into esports platforms or providing APIs so other tournament platforms can most easily use your game.  We can wrap your internal APIs/services/GameSparks/PlayFab/LiveoOps and provide cached, high performance esports-centric interfaces so your game(s) stand out as the easiest to run competitions upon so making your game more visible.

- Wrapping games to integrate into your tournament platform or media platform.  Need to know how play is going in a game that doesn't have APIs?  We can help and have the experience.

- Don't know what competitive multiplayer to have in your game?  Feeling uncertain because you're a card game, or a strategy game or a fast play racer with unique game play?  We can help you find the right strategy and implement it within your game.

Here's a few examples we can talk about:

- For the (fantastic) guys at we built their University engagement platform and integrated it into an existing Tournament system (Epic.LAN - also fantastic people!).

- With (the lovely people at) GAME's Belong we're responsible for the booking engine for their arenas, and their bespoke tournament platform.

But there's lots and lots and lots more we can't talk about publicly!  




What can Code Wizards do?

Having esports is great but it's no use if it's not integrated into your game, your platforms, your login/registration (SSO/account services) or apps.

We're experts at integrating: reducing friction for the player, ensuring they engage as closely as they can with you, and making the whole thing fun.  Less friction = more engagement = happier players.

Games can be linked to results are automatically fed into the platform so playing data and the results (+ adjudications) are all fed into the esports platform.

Platforms typically benefit from bringing the action into your environment.  Leaderboards and results are automatically updated, tournament and competitions can be easily visible to everybody, and people can enter the competitions without having to jump through hoops.

Account services/Single Sign-On allows players to update their esports data directly within your profiles alongside your users.  They log in the same but they can add their social identities, gaming identities, avatars and preferences centrally.  In this way you're in control: if somebody leaves and you remove / hold their account then that automatically feeds into the account services and stops them logging in.  

Apps can bring all the above together putting esports directly into the hands of your users/players.

And of course we do custom built Esports Tournament & Community platforms built to your exact specification and white-label builds too.  What ever you need we can help you realise it.

Interested in talking more?  We love to talk so get in touch.



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