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Content Management Systems

At Code Wizards we know that your voice is important; not just what you say but how you tell people.

We believe that Content Management Systems don't just mean that your data is there for a single website (or even multiple) but that it's the mechanism where your business manages and controls its data.

Inline with our mantra of choice we don't mandate a single approach or technology as they all have benefits and drawbacks.  We'll work with you to understand the best for you based upon your criteria.

Each CMS should be able to power all of the ways you talk to your customers: web, mobile, email/push/SMS and integrate into other systems seamlessly.

Our de-facto standard CMS is Umbraco.  

Why?   It's enterprise strength, the price is fantastic (for the paid version or the free version), it's very flexible and it concentrates on your information and not on how it's shown.  

We've made it scale to hundreds of pages per second and integrated it into mobile apps and email/push systems so it shows the right content to your users at the right time.

Alternatively we love Wordpress too.  Price is great, it runs anywhere, and it's extensible.  Why isn't it our favoured CMS?  Basically because it's heritage means there's a few items that aren't as flexible as they could be - for instance it's a page based CMS and not a content based CMS so repurposing your information for other channels can be difficult.  Extension is also more problematic as these need to be in PHP so any existing assets/code aren't re-usable directly.

But we also use other CMS's too:

- Sitecore - may be expensive but it's the enterprise leader because it scales fantastically and it's plugins for marketing are amazing.  Unfortunately Sitecore's price alone rules it out of many implementations

- Drupal - a good solid content based CMS but usually requires a separate front end drafted on top and this often drives up the cost and complexity.




Thinking About Umbraco WCMS for your next project.


Thinking About WordPress for your next project.


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Thinking About Sitecore for your next project.


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