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We’ll help you avoid common pitfalls such as choosing the wrong platforms; spending too much time learning instead of creating; budget overruns and more. Our mission is to help studios and teams like yours add real value to game development.

With our team of experienced LiveOps, backend, and data analytics engineers, we’ll either find or develop you the right platforms, help eliminate project delays, and ensure smooth operations even in high CCU games.

Whether it’s delivering additional features, optimizing budgets, improving acquisition and retention rates, or even accelerating the entire development process to bring your game to market faster, we’ve got you covered.

From server scaling that laughs in the face of peak-time player surges to liveops platforms smoother than your in-game graphics, leave it to the Wizards.



  • LiveOps platforms - creation, management and porting between them
  • Custom Backend - we build the backend system that best suits your game
  • Cloudtech and migration
  • Authorisation systems
  • Leaderboards
  • Server scaling
  • Matchmaking
  • Serverless data ingestion
  • Processing pipelines
  • Data analytics and integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Prototyping - rapid prototyping, proof of concept, minimum viable product
  • Inventory / Stores / InApp purchase systems
  • Battlepass
  • Downloadable content

Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.