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Code Wizards - Game, Gaming and Esport Specialists

Games aren't easy to build and they're even harder to make popular.

Our motto is that "Life's better in Co-op": you concentrate on the core game and we help you take it to the next level.

We're not a games company - we're a Game Tech/Esport Tech architecture and engineering company - we're here to help you make the best game you can.

Publisher Services

We're available to help standardise platforms, identity and user management across your properties (be they first or third party).

.. and we can help make your data speak to you and show patterns that you never knew existed.

Need a store to sell your super special edition?  Found that people either want to sell silver discs or digital copies and they don't want to bundle your cool merch with it?  We can help as we're experts in ecommerce.

Or just need a website to promote your game?  We use our standard frameworks and CMS's to give you the right price point, get great SEO value and, of course, we understand mobile to it's fully optimised to whatever device hits your site.

Developer Services

Need help with payment integration?  

Can't understand the method or how to efficiently host and scale your multiplayer game?

Need to manage your player base and incentivise them?

Want to add esports / competitive elements to your game?


Porting or tune up?


Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.