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Esports - adding engagement and community


Esports.. it's a term that's thrown around a lot.  It's also something that a lot of providers misunderstand and misapply.

Luckily with Code Wizards you're in safe hands.. this isn't our first rodeo!

We've integrated esports into a variety of spheres ranging from grassroots play all the way to pro level.  There is no "one size fits all" and each game/IP/environment and audience needs to be analysed to ensure it's a good fit.

Finding a Fit

Esports typically strive to hit one or more of the following objectives:

- Add "Fun" to the game

- Provide a levelling system so that players can get competitive games at their proficiency

- Increase "engagement" in a game (more people playing it or the same people playing more of it)

- Publicity and Marketing for a game (more eyeballs watching your game and wanting to participate)

- Extending the longevity / lifetime of a game (people play it for a longer duration than they otherwise would)

- Create a market for IAP (In App Purchases) / DLC 

Understanding what your objective is central to creating the right approach for you and your players/users.

Tuning the Approach

All too often we see enthusiastic amateurs "layering" an "esports" proposition onto their game or their user base.. this often leads to frustration.

By using the (non-exhaustive) list above you need to decide which are most important as some run counter to each other.

For example if you want esports that people love to watch then you want exciting fast paced matched rounds culminating in the best player playing the second best player (hopefully!) in the finals.  For this we want to remove people quickly and ensure poorer players are removed quickly; so a single elimination ("knockout" in the UK) tournament using slaughter matching is amazing.  Conversely if want an exciting match for players then we want to match them evenly and a single elimination tournament is a poor experience as players have to sit around once they're removed; instead we could use double elimination or even swiss as a format.

No two competitions are the same but experience allows us to create interesting paced experiences or nailbitingly thrilling viewing tournaments.


Just like we need to tune the experience to the game, and the needs of the tournament/players, we must do the same for the esports systems used.  

Popular tournament platforms like Toornament, epic.LAN, Battlefy etc are general purpose tournament platforms with direct support for some games and modes.  However where we just need leaderboards or leagues then "backend as a service" platforms like PlayFab or GameSparks can make sense.

Tying a game directly to a platform allows for seamless play and vastly reduces the changes of cheating or foul play.  As well as managing the scoring and results (and organising the players) this can also be augmented by AI to follow tournament chat and look for questionable content.

What can we provide?

At Code Wizards we can provide the technology and, via our trusted partners across the planet, the experienced esports staff to run your events either online or at an event.

We have our headless esports platform designed for close integration into your brand / platform, bespoke builds of tournament and community esports platforms, integration of existing platforms and we can add esports modes/tournaments/competitive play to games.

We'll work with you to find the right solution, the best way to manage players, how best to run the tournament(s) and which formats work best for you.

We're Honestly Here to Help!

Get in Touch

Got questions?  We're always happy to (at least) try and help.  Give us a call, email, tweet, FB post or just shout if you have questions.

Code Wizards were very efficient and transparent. It was a pleasure working with them as they brought valuable advice, insight and development to achieve our project's success.

Daniel Ross, Head of IT and Development, 52 Entertainment / Virtual Regatta

Code Wizards are a pleasure to work with.

We've challenged their team to integrate our cutting edge AI, AR and VR solutions and always come up trumps.

I love their approach and help on strategy.

Richard Corps, Serial Entrepreneur and Augmented Reality Expert

Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.