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ACES partners with Code Wizards

Anybody who knows us understands our commitment to the next generation of engineers / game makers / designers and scientists.  We try to talk at as many events as we possibly can to help get more people into the industry in a fullfilling position for them and their future employer.

With that aim in mind we've partnered with ACES.  

ACES are a cross-University body created to advance the evolution of esports education.  To improve their reach and input they're partnering with some organisations (like us) in the commercial space.

We're excited by the approach.  The ACES board is a great cross-section of academics chaired by Dr Richard Oddy (a lovely chap as well as having an extensive background of sports and esports

So where does Code Wizards fit into that equation?  We have a unique position within UK (and international) esports due to our concentration on the technical elements of the industry.  Others may run events (online and physical), train talent, manage that talent, do the communications but very few have the technical reach that we do.  For the next generation of engineers they will need to rise to the challenge of increasing numbers of players and viewers and we'd love to be part of helping them on that journey.

The journey is just beginning but we wish ACES all the best in this phase of their evolution.


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Stuart Muckley

Stuart Muckley

I’ve been a programmer and IT enthusiast for 30 years (since the zx spectrum) and concentrated on AI (neural nets & genetic algorithms) at University. My principle skills are concentrated on Enterprise and Solution Architecture and managing effective developer teams.

I enjoy the mix between technical and business aspects; how technology enables and how that (hopefully) improves profit/EBITDA & reduces cost-per-transaction, the impact upon staff and how to remediate go-live and handover, and risk identification and mitigation. My guiding principle is “Occams Razor” that simplicity is almost always the best option by reducing complexity, time to build, organisational stress and longer term costs.

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Code Wizards were very efficient and transparent. It was a pleasure working with them as they brought valuable advice, insight and development to achieve our project's success.

Daniel Ross, Head of IT and Development, 52 Entertainment / Virtual Regatta

Code Wizards are a pleasure to work with.

We've challenged their team to integrate our cutting edge AI, AR and VR solutions and always come up trumps.

I love their approach and help on strategy.

Richard Corps, Serial Entrepreneur and Augmented Reality Expert

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