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YourAlly - Code Wizards' Headless Esports Tournament Platform

For years marketeers have been organising esports competitions on tournament platforms for both pro and grassroots play.  It’s quick, these platforms work, the platforms have audience and they’re robust.  But you never quite feel like it’s right for your brand or you’re speaking direct to the players and viewers.

We know that there’s a few things super important to you:

  • Any activity needs to look like you, feel like you, and dovetail into your other initiatives and campaigns
  • Understanding your consumers is harder than ever
  • In the 2020s consumers want a relationship with you
  • You need to understand the ROI of your spend
  • Initiatives and campaigns need to vary across the globe – the old days of broadcast are dead

And all of us know that the next battle is just around the corner: privacy is going to kill cross domain DMPs and make relationships even more difficult.

At the moment every provider and marketing agency has a hammer and everything looks like a nail to them.  Whether you’re looking for acquisition or retention, you’re a caring / eco / action brand, or you’re needing it globally varied you’re not getting that.

There is a solution; we’ve got your back and we’re ready to work with you.  Welcome to YourAlly.

About Us


Code Wizards are the global experts in esports & GameTech.  Based in the UK and New Zealand we’ve got global coverage.  We’re trusted by companies like AWS Game Tech and Epic Games.


We’ve built more tournament platforms than anybody else*, we integrate games into esports, and build esports into games.  We also provide LiveOps integrations, big data and analytics, and multiplayer global scaling solutions.


All the hard lessons that come from each implementation and difference are baked into us: we’re battle hardened and, in British Military slang, Ally.


What’s YourAlly?


A headless and full featured esports engine with support for highly customisable modes.  Designed and built to scale globally and to get you the best relationship with your consumers.


  • Handles esports 1.0 modes like single elimination (knockouts) / double elimination / round robin (leagues)
  • Introduces esports 2.0 modes like arcade play, domination, collaborative play, meta-game support and custom modes made just for you and your needs
  • All data is yours – 100%
  • Any MarTech toolkit can be plugged in
  • Privacy concerns disappear as this is your site and your mobile app
  • Can be integrated deep into your site and/or mobile app for the best user experience and to ensure the relationship is direct with the consumer and owned by you
  • You can use your own login mechanism so you control the process
  • Has a toolkit of user interface components to speed integration
  • Multi-tenant, dedicated instance and self-hosted are all supported
  • Scales globally upon demand


What doesn’t YourAlly do?


YourAlly isn’t a direct to consumer platform: unlike others we haven’t repurposed an existing system to try and make it work for brands and we don’t provide a user interface to consumers as we know that one size does not fit all.  Changing the colours of a website, adding your logo and switching the font isn’t good enough. 


How does YourAlly work?


YourAlly provides three major components:

  • A globally available API that powers esports activity
  • Administration screens that setup and run esports activity
  • An optional Unity and Unreal plugin that allows fast integration of YourAlly into games




Do you only provide YourAlly as a service?


No, we can help from “cradle to grave”. 


Our specialists can provide you with:

  • Help on UX, gamification, and design for how esports could be integrated into your brand, sites and mobile apps to engage your audience.
  • Understand the right games and esports modes that will work for your consumers and needs – and how that varies by campaign and localisation
  • Design new esports modes that are tuned to your exact needs
  • Integrate the YourAlly headless esports APIs direct into your site alongside your toolkit and processes
  • Work with game developers to integrate the YourAlly plugin so you can integrate results direct into the platform
  • Collaborate with your Big Data and Analytics teams to ensure YourAlly data is integrated directly into your other business intelligence
  • Provide you with partner organisations across the world


What does a typical engagement look like?


1, Set the Scene – we work with you and your teams to understand what you need across the globe: campaigns, launches, needs and wants for consumer interaction – we create outputs that you can use to communicate to your teams and the C-Suite

2, Discovery – our consultants will take the Set the Scene work and propose esports activity, modes and campaigns that you can then align with your needs

3, Delivery – working with your design and development partners we’ll help them integrate and build the esports user interface into your properties

4, Run – we’ll work with your esports and game tech partners to help run the activity

5, Review – take the intelligence gathered and we can ensure that winning activities are boosted and less successful activities are revised or removed


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you integrate into our Mobile App?
    • Yes – a core architectural feature of YourAlly is integratability. Whether the apps are native for Apple and Android, ReactNative, Flutter, Xamarin or other tech then YourAlly can be integrated
  • Do you operate YourAlly as a SaaS?
    • One of our deployment options is SaaS – here we can either start small and use the common service or, if you need scale and dedicated support, we can create you a dedicated deployment
  • Our IT policy is to run services internally – does that rule out YourAlly?
    • No, we can support that deployment option. We can work with your IT teams to find a fit and support model that works for them
  • Our brand doesn’t like the usual games used for esports – is YourAlly still a fit?
    • Yes – YourAlly can be used with just about any game and we can help you find the best way to integrate it
  • We’d love our own game – can you help?
    • Absolutely – we have a network of games producers and developers who can build bespoke games for clients. We also have a number of pre-existing games that are amenable to “re-wrap” to your brand and requirements
  • Do we own our data?
    • Yes – 100%. We ensure that all data is held against your account and is accessible by yourselves and only yourselves.  We don’t use or share any of it and you’re welcome to do whatever you need with it
  • We have our own bespoke marketing tech tools – can we integrate them?
    • 100% yes – if the martech tools are provided on the UI then it will work exactly like any other engagement / property you own. However we can also provide data feeds and updates via the backend if you wish (for example automatically notifiying you of match play and results so you can decision this data for potential use within other systems and properties)
  • Do you provide an escrow agreement for the source code?
    • Our enterprise agreement includes a full escrow for the source code. We also provide an option for access to the source code if required (at additional cost and with additional legal warranties obviously!)
  • We have 100s of millions of consumers can you scale to that number?
    • Yes – if you need support of this side then we’d suggest starting on the dedicated deployment plan or self-hosting. As standard we provide automated performance evaluation tooling within the platform to ensure it hits the right user experience levels (as well as the usual monitoring of the platform and service level verification)

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