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Dynamics Connector for Umbraco - from Code Wizards

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The days of just expecting to interact between 9 and 5 are gone and they're never coming back.  Your customers need to interact with you when they want to.

A lot of organisations have invested in creating Dynamics or SalesForce solutions.  Some have used the portal functionality to create the first stages of self-service.  A lot of these implementors have been frustrated as the look-and-feel doesn't match their brand and the user experience is clunky and hard to use for customers.

The Code Wizards CRM Connector is here to solve those problems.  It allows a world-class CRM system to be closely integrated with a world-class CMS to provide your customers with the best experience possible. 

Seamlessly the data flows between web and CRM providing the best experience for your users, working with your data to your requirements.

What does it do?

The connector provides:

- Login - securely and simply

- Allows your users / customers to modify/maintain their own data

- Integrates directly into your marketing - users can easily update their data and preferences (GDPR friendly!) - either into the CRM or into other alternatives like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor

- Understands and works with your unique CRM data and customisations

- Users can log support tickets and get updates directly via the connector

- Users can pay for subscriptions, membership, events, publications or a million other things direct from the CMS website.  Card, PayPal and Direct Debit payment are all simple to integrate.

- Dynamics / Office 365 / SalesForce forms can be added directly into the site and capture data straight into your CRM

- Is customisable so the website can seamlessly integrate with your brand and UX

- Full content management (CMS) so your content is created simply and easily

- Content can be published 

- Fully mobile compliant

- CMS data can be re-used elsewhere - in Google / Alexa voice interfaces or even Mobile Apps

- Is extensible to add your unique workflows and functionality

- For Dynamics 365 customers, we also remove the requirement to purchase per login Power licenses - saving you money all the time!

How does it work?

Our technology creates a two-way bridge between the CRM and the CMS using the best features from both and integrating them to best effect.  The CRM holds the master data about your contacts and accounts while the CMS understands the content and allows you to easily manage and publish it.

Your contacts login via the website and are instantly able to see the information you want to share and, should you need it, they can update that information securely within the website.

Key to all this is the flexibility: no longer are you "boxed in" to the requirements of the CRM or CMS.  Instead you can pull the best bits from both.

How do customers use it?

Almost all of our customers utilise the self-service elements to allow their users to manage their own information including their marketing preferences.

They can manage their own content and campaigns direct from the CMS while linking back to CRM data.  For example making events really zing by adding videos and other content alongside the ticket options; allowing the CRM to do what it's best at (CRM) and the CMS to do its best work too.

Others integrate custom workflows to make it simple to use, tying CRM and other systems together into friction free flows.

But the options are infinite and new ideas are being implemented with every new client.

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