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Most of us at Code Wizards have a passion for music (that's why the MD and CTO spent 5+ years in the music business!) so we love supporting Music For Youth.

Music for Youth have been helping young people for the last 48 years.  Helping them enjoy and relate to music, perform and see fantastic performances.

We've been privileged to work as Music for Youth's "Tech Partner" over the past 3 years.  Helping them move their internal systems forward, inventing some crazy news things to try out music tech and helping drive a passion in young developers by sponsoring events that encourage the participants to create cool music related tech.

As part of the partnership we created MFY's mobile app to help people navigate their (fantastic) Birmingham based National Festival and for their (incredible) MFY Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

An Inspiring Night at Music For Youth
We knew there would be great music last night but we didn’t expect to leave feeling so inspired! Inspired by the musicians, the MFY project and the atmosphere of the whole event.

Lee Cross - Founder and Managing Director at Skull Mountain

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