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We Provide Ready Made Teams

Our customers are often trying to start new projects; struggling to re-assign their permanent staff and finding it harder to hire contractors.

Building effective teams is hard: not just getting the right skill sets but ensuring the mix of people and personalities matches.

We provide "pre-built" teams that can either work autonomously or alongside your teams as required. 

Code Wizards teams:

  • Have all worked together before so they're immediately able to be productive
  • Are all experts in their field
  • Can work autonomously so you have one less thing to plan/worry about
  • Don't require any HR management time
  • Are guaranteed to be IR35 / disguised employment safe
  • Don't require IT equipment or phones
  • Understand other team member's superpowers and weaknesses so the team is more effective
  • Have a "backup" person assigned so if COVID/force majeure or anything else may occur then we don't have to fully onboard new people
  • Work within the whole Code Wizards team - so they can use the wisdom of our whole crowd if there's a roadblock / issue or they just want to validate the approach

We have a proven track record of providing teams at short notice.  From development and design, business analysts to testers and project managers - just let us know what you need.


Launching a new gaming proposition in a few months is considered impossible but we proved it can be done.

Code Wizards were instrumental in the architecture and development of the platform. Realising critical parts of the solution and augmenting our existing teams to give us the capacity to succeed.

Derek Lloyd (CEO of The Football Pools)

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