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Multiplayer, Multiplayer, Multiplayer - Game Scaling in Azure

Whether you're looking for someone to build you a custom gameserver or to integrate your existing gameserver, Multiplayer Wizards will help you host your multiplayer game, using PlayFab Multiplayer Game Servers ("PlayFab MPS").

Our experienced, expert wizards use PlayFab MPS to host multiplayer game sessions - from creating game servers that are ready to connect players for a game session, to scaling them dynamically to meet demands.  Here's how:


1. Whether you need us to build you a new one for the ground up, or you want us to integrate your existing gameserver we can make sure what you're working with is compatible with PlayFab .  And if it isn't then we'll make it compatible.

2. One you have a game server build that can run on PlayFab Multiplayer Game Servers, we configure how. you want the servers/virtual machines (VMs) or containers to be created for you.  This step is known as creating or deploying builds.  You specify the type of servers you want, regions they are in, what is on the server, and how they scale, we do the rest.  Or, if this is all new to you, we'll work with you to determine the optimal locations and requirements for your game.

3. After deployment, we're able to dynamically spin up new virtual machines and recycle used ones.  This ensures that your title is able to fulfil player demand and maintain standby levels that you need.  We'll even help you figure out if it's Scaling Standby, Scheduled Standby, or Dynamic Standby that you need.  We'll deploy APIs for a no-fuss, automated scaling experience.

4. When players initiate a multiplayer experience your UDP (User Datagram Protocol) messages outwards to PlayFab's QoS (Quality of Service) beacons.  We monitor and report on response times, measuring netwrok latency.  This data is then used to determine whcih locations/regions in which to request the player's optimal gameserver.

5. When a player needs multiplayer servers, it will be allocated from the build's standby pool (i.e. servers that are already live and functioning and awaiting players for a game).  This request can come from many sources, including PlayFab Matchmaking, or your custom lobby or matchmaking services.  

6. PlayFab will fulfil a server request within one second if standby servers are available.  Once a server has been put into the active state then clients connect to the server and play.  And what if there are no standby servers?  Well that's our job to help you tune it up so you can handle any variation of player CCU!

Why Use PlayFab MPS?

Scaling games is different to "normal" payloads:

- Stateful - Games are stateful - the usual stateless model used for the web only works for low frequency and low data multiplayer games - games need to have a shared state amongst all the players in the shared world.

- Network - Bandwidth needs for games are higher - a game server will be in near constant communication with it's players

- Comms - Games utilise lower cost networking protocols like UDP that are more efficient at passing data but are intrinsically lossy

- Longevity - A game server usually is running for a small period of time - typically measured in minutes

- Updateable - Rolling out new game modes and fixes occurs rapidly and must be rolled out while existing players are able to continue their games



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