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Nakama - Services, Support and Integration

Creating games is never easy so let us be your player 2.

We work with the wonderful people at Heroic Labs to help implement and integrate their Nakama liveops platform/game backend-as-a-service for you.  Best of all Nakama has both an open source and enterprise version so you can pick which works best for you: but in all cases you own your own data - it's all yours.

Nakama is a great choice for a lot of games;

  • The open source version insulates you from the future - it can't ever be "turned off" or disappear
  • Social features are built-in
  • Authentication is provided for mobile, steam and console (console is only in enterprise as that code can't be shared)
  • Multiplayer proxying and authoritative is out of the box
  • Purchase receipting for 1st party platforms
  • Rich leaderboard and other competitive features
  • Code in Golang or TypeScript (or Lua)
  • Scales to support massive games like Gram Games' portfolio
  • AWS or GCP or in your own cloud - your choice (and they even have a Heroic Labs' hosted environment - Heroic Cloud - if that's better for you)
  • and lots more..

Our service provides cradle-to-grave cover.  We can integrate the backend into your game (Unity/UE4/UE5/Custom) and create the backend services you need.  We'll help you release and we can provide support and even tombstoning for your game over time.

We've help Mattel, 2K, EA and lots more to move to Nakama and get the benefits it brings.  We can help you too.

Get in touch to learn more (or speak to Heroic Labs and find out why we're their number 1 service partner across the planet!).

We're Honestly Here to Help!

Get in Touch

Got questions?  We're always happy to (at least) try and help.  Give us a call, email, tweet, FB post or just shout if you have questions.

Code Wizards were very efficient and transparent. It was a pleasure working with them as they brought valuable advice, insight and development to achieve our project's success.

Daniel Ross, Head of IT and Development, 52 Entertainment / Virtual Regatta

Code Wizards are a pleasure to work with.

We've challenged their team to integrate our cutting edge AI, AR and VR solutions and always come up trumps.

I love their approach and help on strategy.

Richard Corps, Serial Entrepreneur and Augmented Reality Expert

Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.