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Access Management Solutions

In the old days we expected everything to be in a single website.  In those days everything was simple: we gave each user a username/email address and password and expected them to login and use it.

These days things are much more complex; even a single application can be comprised of multiple parts and a single business user will use myriad applications in a single day.

The naive approach to this is to share username/email and passwords but this leads to massive security issues and common data is shared too widely.

We've helped a lot of clients by adopting a "single sign-on" approach using industry best practice secure technologies like OpenID Connect ("oIDC").

Imagine you have a website that your customers log into and another where they manage their eLearning.  By adding a single sign-on (SSO) we can easily secure the customer's data and share the applicable bits with each application.  You can then even add other applications (for example a scheduling application) outside of your organisation without having long discussions about data sharing and security purely by using a SSO!

We have templated SSOs to help build your requirement quickly and securely.  For example our Access ThankQ SSO ties into ThankQ automatically allowing you to manage your customer's data within ThankQ but share with other applications immediately using the power of OpenID Connect.

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SSO Single Sign-On

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