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Architecture: Enterprise & Solution

At Code Wizards we know that it's always better to measure twice and cut once.

Our pedigree is rooted in Software Architecture and how it can improve our clients and partners.  Both Enterprise Architecture (which we see as "City Planning" - we know the elements needed in a city but how many and of what type.. and where should the roads go?) and Solution Architecture (analogous to architecting a building before engineers/builders begin work).

Stuart, our Managing Director, has been advising clients on Enterprise Architecture for a number of years and helping show how all IT systems interact and where gaps and crossovers occur.

It's often amazing how few businesses have a 10 year strategy for IT and how even less have a simple "Reference Architecture" to work with.

We find Reference Architectures allow everybody to understand the systems in use, what they are for and their status.  They're also essential for due diligence whether an acquisition, divesting of a whole or part business or partnerships.

Risk is a hard to qualify part of all IT work.  With our Enterprise Architecture we work with you to ensure those risks are known and where most benefit for your business lies.  Too often we see clients spending heavily in areas with low risk and a low ROI and we can often help identify real problem areas.

Our Solution Architecture work helps to ensure the right thing is built via our Solution Architecture team.

Too often we see clients starting to build software without planning out the basics of architecture and this often leads to cost and time overruns (or on occasion project failures).  To us this is like designing a factory without creating any plans of the electrics, machines within it, stresses and strains needed and how work will happen.  A factory built without a plan is likely to have the right components without sufficient (or with too much) electrical supply, entrance and exits in odd places and the machines are likely to be in the wrong order to enable the best efficiency of work.

We'll help ensure that volumetrics are understood; performance and scaling for the next N years are worked out in advance so you don't spend a fortune gold plating a solution and nor do you have a solution that fails on launch day.

We document what we expect the system to do and how it does it.  This allows engineers and developers to do what they do best: develop!  But ensures all know what's expected of them and the system so all parts fit together. 

But mostly this allows us to oversee the devleopment and ensure that you, the client, are getting what you expected.  Is quality checked and compliant?  Will we hit timescales?  Is the software full of holes to be filled in later?

At Code Wizards software architecture is in our bloodstream.

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