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We know that amazing people, working together, can do amazing things.

Try our tightly focused expert teams: delivering on time and within budget.


Building Code Wizards Solutions

Building Solutions

From SMEs to Enterprises we've got a track record of making the impossible happen.

Our approach of design & architecture first before starting engineering and development ensures we build the right things and we achieve your aims.

The Right Path isn't always Obvious

We're here and working closely with AWS and SuperNimbus to find the right way forwards for you and your GameSparks needs


With Award Winning Creativity And Development

Helping Our Clients Succeed

We don't just "do tech" we think like humans and that's our key differentiator.  You shouldn't work around your tech solutions, instead it should work around you, enable you to do bigger and better, and help you succeed.

The days of old are gone.  It's time to think differently.

Please welcome Code Wizards North

We've expanded to NZ and we're growing again

A couple of months ago we opened our first office in APAC based in Christchurc, New Zealand

Next month we open Code Wizards North - our first office in the North of Scotland and designed to be a fully functioning full co-dev, game tech and esports hub.

Helping Music for Youth Get Young People Performing

We're immensely proud to help MFY give young musicians a voice and platform during this pandemic period.


Check out The Future Is Now!


Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

Our partner network is continuing to grow with like-minded companies that can add value to our mutual client offering. If you would like to learn more about how we can grow together get in touch.