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GameSparks - The Future

Together with our good friends at SuperNimbus we've got more experience of GameSparks and LiveOps than just about anybody else on the planet.

That's why AWS selected us to help their customers to migrate from GameSparks to something new.

If you're viewing this page then you're probably thinking "What the hell are we going to do?".  The first thing is to not worry.  Together we've got this..


1. Don't Panic

GameSparks isn't going anywhere yet.  There's nobody waiting to pull the power cable out of the servers and run.  We've got time to get this right.  It's painful and we appreciate it but we're going to make this as painless as we possibly can.

2. There is Choice

There are options.. quite a few in shapes and sizes to suit everybody.

Maybe you've outgrown GameSparks and need to roll your own?  Maybe you want more control and want to run your own services?  Or maybe you just need the platform to be somebody-else's-problem-to-run and you just get the benefits.

3. We're your player two

We're here to help and we're working with AWS's global Game Tech teams to make your life a bit easier.  We work hand-in-hand with their internal teams so we can make your life just a little less complex.  


Most importantly AWS have asked us to focus on *you* the customer and your needs.  Plus we're independent, we're not here to "sell" things to you or push you in any  direction that doesn't work for you (and if you want to know the other bits about us - then check out our about us section).

How do you get started?  Ping your account manager, partner team or we're happy to have a call and give you some directions and next steps (or we can help point you at the territory leads in AWS who can help you too).

We've got two booking forms depending on whether you're "Atlantic" (working around GMT up to Pacific Time US) or "Pacific" (West US and round the world past Asia)


We're in your timezone to make this easier

Book a Meeting


North America

Central America

South America

Middle East




Asia including..




Australia, NZ 




Need to Speak to Somebody Quicker?

If the booking forms don't work or you just need to ask an important question then drop us an email.


Some of your Options





We're Honestly Here to Help!

Get in Touch

Got questions?  We're always happy to (at least) try and help.  Give us a call, email, tweet, FB post or just shout if you have questions.

Code Wizards worked with us a number of initiatives including enhancing our Giving Voucher proposition and fleshing out our Giving Street concept. They provide a good blend of both business and technology expertise. We are grateful for their contribution to TheGivingMachine allowing us to improve our services and enhance our social impact

Richard Morris, Founder and CEO TheGivingMachine

Code Wizards are a pleasure to work with.

We've challenged their team to integrate our cutting edge AI, AR and VR solutions and always come up trumps.

I love their approach and help on strategy.

Richard Corps, Serial Entrepreneur and Augmented Reality Expert

Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

Our partner network is continuing to grow with like-minded companies that can add value to our mutual client offering. If you would like to learn more about how we can grow together get in touch.