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How we do it

Code Wizards is owned and run by a technical team. We all started our careers as software developers and have honed our skills over our time in the industry.

As well as working from the edicts of our Code Wizards Manifesto..

We believe:

  • Fairness – All deals and solutions must be a win/win for all parties to succeed
  • Relationships - We prefer partnership and long term relationships to short term work. We will move heaven and earth to ensure we are giving our partners and clients the best possible service
  • Honesty – Where issues arise we will handle them honestly and directly; first to find a solution and remediate any issues and then work out ramifications. We prefer “open book” working with partners and clients.  If another supplier is a better option for the client then we will offer an introduction as honesty and long term relationships trump short term revenue.
  • Understanding – We want to know more than the narrow confines of a single project so we can better know the current and future direction of the business so we can be more helpful
  • Proactive – Our value is experience and we believe that should be shared with clients and partners. This will range from legal/technical/security changes to proposing future projects and strategies.

It is well known that software projects often overrun in time and budget and in the worst of cases do so whilst also having features dropped. How do we at Code Wizards avoid this? We do so in three main ways:

1) We don’t believe in one size fits all. We understand that each client has different requirements, reporting and governance and as such we work with you to identify what you need from us as a software delivery partner. We are fully versed in a wide range of development processes and technical stacks and will only propose solutions and approaches that fit the requirements of your project. We generally run 2 weeks sprints within our own development team but we can use this to complement any overarching project governance your company may have.

2) Our team has experts in their field responsible for the various elements of software delivery who span multiple projects ensuring they retain a holistic view. Essentially in programming terms each person retains single responsibility for their area – they are the system of record!

3) Communication is king.  We love speaking to our customers and clients.  They're the ones with the great ideas and they're the ones who tell us how to improve.  We're not proud and we love feedback (positive and negative) so we encourage working directly with clients across every role in our business.  If you phone the office there's a good chance one of our senior team will answer the phone and take your call (and we do this every day).

Stuart Muckley - Managing Director

Stuart Muckley - Managing Director

Read more about Stuart

Stuart's role is to provide leadership internally and oversee all elements of the customer's interaction and success.

Always "hands on" Stuart also ensures he understands clients and their needs by providing strategy, enterprise architecture and solution architecture.

For projects/clients Stuart provides the following:

  • Complete end-to-end oversight
  • Architectural and Security review
  • Challenges / Devil's Advocate to the internal teams to ensure we provide the best solution
  • Collaboration with clients to help them move forwards
  • Enterprise Architecture / Reference Architecture 
  • IT Strategy Consultancy
  • Solution Architecture 
Martin Thomas - CTO

Martin Thomas - CTO

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Martin ensures technical quality and resilience on your project and his role at Code Wizards is to:

  • Translate the high level solution design to a robust scalable technical design
  • Design the technical road map and strategy for your application
  • Oversee the technical output from the delivery team to ensure resilience
  • Ensure all security concerns are addressed and your application is ready for Pen testing
  • Ensure all application performance and extensibility


Arthur C. Clarke

Code Wizards aren't like other development companies: they understand how businesses work and how best to help them achieve.

They're my "go to" partner of choice for everything we need.


Rob Stevenson, EXGPRO

Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.