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Announcing Version 2 of the Dynamics Connector

Today we're proud to announce the general availability of the Dynamics Connector V2.

We've been working hard for the past 6 months to make our Dynamics 365 connector technology faster, more efficient, add even more flexibility, simpler to extend, and quicker to integrate.

Of course it still covers everything from version 1.  You still get a brilliant CMS (but now Umbraco 8 instead of version 7), you can still have an optional SSO (Single Sign On) if you want it and it still keeps up to date with Microsoft's latest and greatest Dynamics 365.

So, what's changed? 

Firstly, we've worked hard to make sure it helps keep your costs down.  We know that Microsoft's changes to charge "per login" (for accessing Dynamics) could be incredibly expensive for some of you.  So we've added a mode that works around those constraints so you don't pay any more.

Secondly, it is even more flexible than before.  The connector now understands even your customised Dynamics entities.  It can read those and understand how they relate to each other.  Creating workflows and user experiences across many entities is now a reality.

Third, we now run off Umbraco 8.  This CMS goes from strength to strength and gives enterprise features for a low cost.  You can now have even more style and animation in your website and don't have to make any sacrifices to your brand or objectives.

So, what's the catch?  Have we increased prices?  No.  Not at all.  We're still giving you over £150,000's worth of development for £4,955 a year.

We are committed to innovate and extend, to keep up to date with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft API changes and to help you with your business.

Contact us if you would like to upgrade or see how we can help.

About the author

Stuart Muckley

Stuart Muckley

I’ve been a programmer and IT enthusiast for 30 years (since the zx spectrum) and concentrated on AI (neural nets & genetic algorithms) at University. My principle skills are concentrated on Enterprise and Solution Architecture and managing effective developer teams.

I enjoy the mix between technical and business aspects; how technology enables and how that (hopefully) improves profit/EBITDA & reduces cost-per-transaction, the impact upon staff and how to remediate go-live and handover, and risk identification and mitigation. My guiding principle is “Occams Razor” that simplicity is almost always the best option by reducing complexity, time to build, organisational stress and longer term costs.

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