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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our clients, partners and friends. We look forward to working with you in 2019

Opening hours for Christmas 2018.
Closed from 1pm Friday 21st Dec.
We return to the office 2nd Jan 2019. 


Leaders in digital working together with e-learning specialists.

Totem Learning and Code Wizards are working together to offer digital solutions to drive higher engagement, deeper learning and better retention of information.

Totem’s premium digital experiences use both virtual and augmented reality created by their own team of in-house designers, artists and developers, they love what they do and are always ready for a new challenge whether it’s creating off-the-shelf serious games products or bespoke learning, training or business game solutions for clients.

Totem work with clients from all over the world and across all industries to create games that will help people learn and train for education or business with real life scenarios with a sense of immersion for soft skills training and through AR (Augmented Reality) for technical and hard skills training.
Totem also have an ability to work closely with clients to find the ‘sweet spot’ between the psychology of learning, game mechanics and technological requirements.

Learning games are designed by industry experts who have vast knowledge to be accessible, capable of providing a near-authentic experience as well as feedback all to further Learning and Development…to ensure whatever idea you have, they can make that vision a reality!

Their other capabilities include different game and simulation solutions including 3D, VR and AR, Role Plays, Blended Solutions and Mini Games for bespoke programmes.

Code Wizards specialise in software architecture and digital engineering.

to work out how things fit together systemically alongside what can be improved and what risks does this create or mitigate within client’s businesses.

Their work helps clients to create, design, document and execute their digital strategy over the next 5 to 10 years. They aid the establishment and realisation of roadmaps for business growth allowing each business to understand how it fits with partner businesses (or acquisitions).

Code Wizards’ expertise in Solution Architecture allows them to work through challenges before any development commences:

> How does this solution fit the need?
> Are there alternatives that better match the cost/time/performance/risk trade-off matrix?
> What technologies/packages does it comprise?
> How it can be built, verified, secured and performance tested by development teams?
> Will this system perform and how can that be improved and scaled?
> Security reviews and due diligence/legal reports.

Development and digital are a large part of Code Wizards’ DNA enabling them to plan and execute development capability regardless of the platform, cloud provider, programming languages or integration points.

Business Intelligence and Big Data have become buzzwords across all industries and few use these technologies/processes effectively to improve their business. Code Wizards have worked with varying data sources in batch, neartime and real time scenarios allowing data to be efficiently mined and utilised in other systems like marketing automation and CRM. Their toolbox includes the use of AI to aid automated segmentation and prediction algorithms

In short, we see a perfect union between Totem’s immersive content and Code Wizards’ ever-expanding expertise.

Million Miles Together Club appoints PR and Web partners.

When Eugene Gilkes, one of Great Britain’s top decathletes of the 1980’s combined elements of his 35-year career in sport, health and wellbeing, business and community service to found and develop the idea of the Million Miles Together Club (MMT) he knew the concept would grab widespread attention.

Alongside a team of like minded social entrepreneurs, they have developed an inclusive social impact community framework concept that through their Rotary Club partners across the UK will support Local Authorities, businesses and community leaders in transforming their communities and saving lives.

To assist MMT in their growth plans two Birmingham based strategic partners have been appointed, Code Wizards for technology and digital related work and Prominent Media and Communications to handle their promotional activity.

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 Music For Youth

An Inspiring night of music at the Royal Albert Hall.

On the 5th November we had the pleasure of attending the Music For Youth Proms 2018 at the glorious Royal Albert Hall. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect but we were in for a real aural and visual treat.

We enjoyed all styles of music from spectacularly talented young musicians, (Some as young as 7!) and left feeling truly humbled and inspired by the dedication of all involved. 

‘Music for Youth is a national youth arts charity working to provide young people aged 21 and under across the UK with free, life-changing performance and progression opportunities, regardless of background or musical style.’ (Music For Youth)

We knew there would be great music last night but we didn’t expect to leave feeling so inspired! Inspired by the musicians, the MFY project and the atmosphere of the whole event.

It was an epic reminder that putting your mind to something can result in phenomenal things. Nothing proved this more than the Massed Ensemble of last night from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Soundstorm Music Hub, Southampton Music Hub and the Isle of Wight Music Hub who came together to actualise James Redwood’s Symphony 125. Nearly 500 people playing together perfectly on 1 piece...!

It also reminded us of the importance of continual learning and of having a creative outlet - something we hold dear as children but tend to lose as adults.

We would fully recommend attending this event next year to check out the amazing work of MFY. You can also donate to this amazing cause here.

Lee Cross 
Founder and Managing Director at Skull Mountain

An Inspiring Night at Music For Youth

An Inspiring Night at Music For Youth

New esports platform launches for University students throughout the UK

A brand new esports platform for University students throughout the UK has been launched by specialist digital provider Code Wizards in time for this year’s students.

The platform has been created for the newly formed company National Student Esports (NSE) a member of The Benchmark Sport Group which runs traditional sports businesses such as the Square Mile Relay and Beyond Sport which promotes social change through sport.

Code Wizards have used their proven experience of building engaging and highly scaleable platforms to realise NSE’s university esports platform and NSE has partnered with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) to operate the UK’s official body for university esports.

Stuart Muckley Managing Director of Code Wizards commented, “The platform realises NSE’s vision of enabling Universities to manage their own esports data and society information and also to share information, articles and news. 

“For esports societies the enabling of forming and managing their teams will provide a next-generation platform to promote and encourage inter-university esports competitions and tournaments.

“Outside of esports most people won’t realise the “gg” in the URL is a short hand for ‘Good Game’.  That’s a phrase we like all of our customers to say to us on successful launch!”

Jonathan Tilbury from The Benchmark Sport Group said,” We are delighted that Code Wizards were able to complete the project on time and within budget.

“Students now have a single destination to share information with like minded enthusiasts and we expect this to dramatically improve accessibility of the space.”

Additional information can be found at

Code Wizards secures Prominent partner

Following the continued expansion of Code Wizards into Birmingham they are delighted to announce they have now secured a strategic partner agreement with midlands based Prominent Media and Communications.

The reciprocal arrangement will enable Code Wizards to expand their promotional services through the expertise of the Prominent team with PR, digital marketing and award-winning film creation.

Created in 2012, Code Wizards quickly established themselves as specialists in web based digital architecture by mixing invention with engineering to help clients automatically scale their business.

Stuart Muckley, managing director of Code Wizards commented, “I have known Steve for some time now and it seemed a natural progression to bring our respective teams together through a formal partnership arrangement, especially now that our Birmingham office is very much up and running.”

Since 1998 Prominent Media and Communications based at Birmingham International Park have continually expanded their promotional services and in 2016 they secured approval for commercial drone filming through their Prominent Digital brand.

Steve Holden, managing director at Prominent Media and Communications said, “This is an ideal fit for us as both companies have no overlap of services and therefore our individual companies get access to additional and proven services normally outside of our skill-sets.”

Additional information can be found at and


Code Wizards Join Ukie

Supporting the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry.

Ukie, pronounced you-key, (UK Interactive Entertainment) is the only trade body for the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry. They are a not-for-profit and represent businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large multinational developers, publishers and service companies, working across online, mobile apps, consoles, PC, eSports, VR and AR

Working In Partnership

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Our partner network is continuing to grow with like-minded companies that can add value to our mutual client offering. If you would like to learn more about how we can grow together get in touch.