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We know that amazing people, working together, can do amazing things.

Try our tightly focused expert teams: delivering on time and within budget.


Building Code Wizards Solutions

Esports Tech

Whether you need help adding competitive modes to your games, or you need a bespoke Tournament Platform (where you own the data)..

We've got you covered


Game Tech

Backend-as-a-Service, LiveOps platforms, Data Analytics, Multiplayer and Global Scaling of your game. 

Life's better in co-op so let us be Player 2.


With Award Winning Creativity And Development

Helping Our Clients Succeed

We don't just "do tech" we think like humans and that's our key differentiator.  You shouldn't work around your tech solutions, instead it should work around you, enable you to do bigger and better, and help you succeed.

Central to our world-view: we believe treating our customers and partners like we treat staff members is the least we can do.  We're a karma based organisation where we believe truth and honesty are as important as the code we write.

Whether we're adding engineering firepower to your game, providing esports tech, gamifying your project or helping you run before you walk - we're here for you.

The days of old are gone.  It's time to think differently.  We are Code Wizards.

The Code Wizards Family

We're on your wavelength and your timezone too

We operate virtually and physically across the planet to give our clients & partners the best service we can.  We're across both sides of the planet and ready to help.  


We're globally unique - nobody else on the planet has the same skill base around games, esports and gamification.  Here's why we're special.

Game Tech

Engineering for games - helping you add LiveOps, scale your game, make engaging multiplayer or data capture/manage/analytics

Esports Tech

Whether you need a headless tournament platform, or a bespoke tournament platform or a community platform or esports modes in your games - we can help.  We're the world leaders in Esports Tech so come speak to us.


We bring the best of games to non-games.  Our expertise in the tech and design of games allows us to help clients make their apps/sites easier to acquire users, better at retention, improve revenue, and be more loved and usable for your customers.

Our thoughts are with Ukraine

Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.